Thimblerig Annette SkadeAnnette Skade is an award-winning poet whose first collection Thimblerig was published following Skade’s receipt of the Cork Review Literary Manuscript prize in 2012.

Annette Skade’s poems are energised by a perspective that is ‘at once small as a wormhole / and wide as the curve of star-netted space.’

The language of these accomplished poems moves deftly, and often wittily, between the quotidian details of the physical world and metaphysical concerns as the poet Bernard O’Donoghue explains:

Annette Skade’s Thimblerig centres on the way the material reality of the world exists in a precarious but crucial balance with the tricks and the ‘sleight of hand’ that keep it in being. Generations of women ‘play out the old game’ of life by the same instinct that moves the salmon. These poems of sea and land, of birth and death, face the great issues; but they face them with a wit and matter-of-factness which recognize that, except for luck and chance, they might not have existed at all. The theme is absorbingly sustained throughout this brilliant book.